Noteworthy use of the Greater Curve technique by Dr. Ahmad Fayad.


28 year old female with senstive Upper left first molar #26.

No spontaneous pain, no lingering pain, no pain on vertical percussion.

Diagnosis: Reversible pulpitis with normal periapex




Good isolation is the key

Step 1

After removal of previous leaking composite and caries excavation, I exposed the pulp.

Soaked cavity with full strength bleach for one minute.

Step 2

Pulp cap placed

Step 3

After bleeding control, I apply the pulp cap material. I use Theracal, others use Duralon. In my hands, Theracal has a high success rate.

Greater Curve Standard band in place

Step 4

Post prime and bond

Step 5

After prime and bond (clearfil se protect), I seal the entire margin with a very thin layer of flowable composite (Majesty flow).

Placing composite

Step 6

Place composite in increments. I don't get carried away by placing anatomical features yet. I find when I try to create anatomy with uncured composite, I tend to stretch it creating voids and weak links between layers (others may have different opinions). A nice solid structure is what I aim for now, all packed nicely. Composite: Exquisite from Apex



Step 7


Step 8

Snap contacts

Post op BW

Step 9

Post op PA

Step 10