The following case was received from a GC customer. Great work!

Root canal or crown lenghtening are out of question. It is save or extract Tooth 22.



Step 1

Root decay

Step 2

Root decay is very sub gingival

Sub gingival decay

Step 3

 Another view


Step 4

Enamel is tapered for additional bond strength


Step 5

Another view


Step 6

New Greater Curve U-Band



Placing matrix

Step 7

Can you see the matrix not fully seated?


Matrix in place

Step 8

Now fully seated. Excellent isolation.


Matrix in place

Step 9

Another view


Matrix in place

Step 10

Side view. Note that some of the band has been cut away to provide additional visibility and access.


Ready for shaping

Step 11

Equia Forte bonded to tooth. Ready for shaping.

Final restoration

Step 12



Step 13

Clinical Tip:

Use a 2 x 2 between your thumb and the matrix when you push it down.